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Willie and Emma Dreyer are the proud owners of Leeuwenkuil Family Vineyards. Over the past 30 years, Willie, his family and his hard-working team together have built Leeuwenkuil into what it is today – 1250 hectares of thriving vineyards and a winery on the farm in construction.

As the southernmost farm in the Swartland, Leeuwenkuil serves as the gateway to this wine region. Growing vineyards of distinction within sight of the majestic Table Mountain, with winemaker Pieter Carstens, using innovative winemaking styles to keep things both traditional and fresh.

Leeuwenkuil, or “Lion’s Lair”, dating back to 1693, was given its alluring name as a tribute to the ferocious Cape Lion that roamed the farmlands hunting unsuspecting cattle. Luckily for the Dreyer family, Leeuwenkuil’s land was perfectly suited for growing vineyards.